01316675438 2 Salisbury Road, Edinburgh, EH16 5AB

About Us


To offer a place of welcome, safety, warmth and community for all those who are seeking to grow and develop spiritually, psychologically and creatively in the company of others.

Our intention is to be inclusive of all spiritual traditions, and to create a place where those exploring their deepest nature can find and develop their own path, while also having opportunities to meet with others and be part of a vibrant, and supportive community.

We are committed to working towards ecological sustainability, in the belief that personal development goes hand in hand with awareness of the needs of the planet.


The Salisbury Centre aims to offer a holistic and dynamic program of activities such as courses, workshops, lectures, meditations and one-to-one therapeutic work. Our intention is to provide an open, welcoming and accessible space to explore spiritual, psychological, and creative dimensions of being.

The constitutional aims of the Centre are:

  • To provide education, training and support for the development of personal growth, spiritual practice, creativity, self discipline and  responsible living for individuals and the community
  • The provision of, and research into, spiritual, psychological and physical healing for those in need
  • The relief and prevention of suffering caused by mental and physical ill health or by social or economic circumstances.

For further documentation about the Centre, please read the Environmental Policy here and the Salisbury Centre full constitution below.