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50th Anniversary 2023!

The Salisbury Centre is 50 years old!


Standing as one of the oldest holistic centres in Edinburgh, the Centre was founded with a robust spiritual community focus, which over time has expanded to embrace a strong foundation of inclusivity, as well as creative, psychological, and ecological wellbeing, making it a resilient and much loved community space in the heart of Edinburgh!

To celebrate the occasion we ran an exciting collaborative 6-month programme of community events, culminating in a week of celebration, workshops and gatherings, as well as an interactive exhibition, on 19th – 25th June 2023. You can look back at electronic copies of the printed programme here: version 1 (Jan 2023), version 2 (March 2023), version 3 (June 2023), all designed with original artwork by Matt Scott.

Here you can find some of the wonderful contributions from our community:


Watch this space for more updates, including about our 50th community film project and opportunities to gather as our anniversary year draws to a close.