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50th Anniversary

50th Anniversary

Our 50th Anniversary is coming up! Our celebrations will include a 50th community events program along with our current ongoing program.

From the 18th to the 25th of June, we will have a full week of celebrations, talks and events.

New updates coming soon!


Volunteering opportunities

We are looking for curating volunteers and film making volunteers (no experience needed) to get involved in the lead up to June.

If you would like to get involved with curating, please email chloe@salisburycentre.org

If you would like to get involved with film making, please email susannah@salisburycentre.org

If you would like to run a community event please read the information below.

Looking forward to seeing there!


A Call to Action (To all past & present members of the Salisbury Centre Community)

Dear past and present, old & new members of the Salisbury Centre community. The Salisbury Centre is celebrating its 50th Anniversary on the 1st January 2023 and we are making arrangements to celebrate this special occasion to both honour the past, regather as many old friends as possible whose life connected through the Centre, as well as to sow the seeds for the next 50th years!


For this occasion, we are in the process of planning:

  • a “50th Anniversary” themed programme of community events which will run from January 2023 to June 2023


  • a Celebration Week in June 2023 (Sun 18th to Sun 25th).


Submit your Contributions

Rather than organising everything ourselves we are offering support to people from within our past and present community to create the content for both these happenings!

Hence, this is a call to action directed at all people who have, sooner or later, been involved in the life of the Centre to make some contribution toward this vision!

Types of contributions we welcome include:

  • Running an event(in the centre, in the garden, or even based somewhere else in Edinburgh with a relationship to the Salisbury centre history)
  • Any workshopsfrom sister organizations (and their members) which branched from the Salisbury centre (e.g. Beshara, Sempervivum, Wellspring etc..). These could be fully developed workshops, talks, seminars or even some tasters session of what these organizations host or have hosted in the past.
  • Creative opportunities, workshops, performances, exhibitions which are related to present or historic offerings of the Centre (e.g pottery workshops)
  • Hosting an ongoing group/class around a specific theme ( e.g dreamwork, meditation, etc). These groups could potentially gather stories and create some material which could be showcased and presented in the celebration week in June 2023.


Some offerings which are already in the pipeline include: An ongoing dreamwork group (Jan-Apr); Community Performances; A garden party & reunion feast; A premiere screening of a new Salisbury Centre movie; A workshop exploring the early work and vision of Winifred and how that led to the creation of new satellite organizations; A fire ceremony & ritual to sow the prayers for the next 50th years; An historic tour of the garden; Yoga classes; Meditations; Art & Play therapy workshops for families and children; & much more.


We can support you by:

  • Offering the free rent of any space in the Salisbury Centre between January & June 2023 (subject to availability). Any voluntary donations collected at these events will be split between the main organizer/facilitator & the Centre (60%/40%).
  • Promote any event via our website, social medias and in the 50th anniversary themed printed programme brochure
  • Helping you to develop any bubbling idea you might have in relation to what to offer or how to get involved.


Deadline for submissions:

The deadline to have your contribution added to the first edition of our printed brochure will be Sun 20th November.  For events submitted later than that, they might get included in later re-prints.

Please submit your idea by emailing to Events@salisburyCentre.org

Pease include the following:

  • Your relationship to the centre
  • What type of event (e.g. workshop/talk/class)
  • a short blurb/description of what the events would entail (if already clear)
  • whether the offering is aimed at any specific audience (e.g general public, past residents, people interested in a specific theme, etc.. )

Looking forward to hearing from you!




Discussion  Panels

Another idea in the making for celebrating our Centre are a variety of “discussion panels“. These will aim to provide opportunities for sharing stories, hearing about peculiar happenings in the centre’s history as well as creating safe spaces for reflecting upon themes and values which have kept the Salisbury Centre soul shining for five decades. These events will be open to anyone interested.  Currently some panels’ themes might include:


The Past

  • Founder’s original vision, Winifred’s role & Sharing stories from the early years
  • Residing at the Centre – exploring living at the centre of the community over the years

The Present

  • The pillars of the Salisbury Centre (values, traditions and how they evolved)
  • Honouring Sacred Space – exploring spiritual diversity & co-existence at the Salisbury Centre

The  Future

  • Opportunities for Growth- Eco-sustainability, Equality, Diversity & inclusion, Looking at the future.
  • Elders and Youth- Bridging the gap and sowing new seeds

If you’d be open and/or interested in taking part in a discussion panel, either at some point during the months leading to the celebration week in June, or even during the celebration week itself (18th-25th June 2023), please email Events@salisburyCentre.org

Note: if reading this you might be interested in exploring other themes and activities not mentioned above, please get in touch to explore how this might be possible.

Celebration Week

Save the Date! 18th- 25th June 2023

To celebrate the Salisbury Centre turning 50th we are organizing a week of exciting events, gathering and celebration for the week 18th – 25th June 2023.

Come to hear stories from the numerous people whose life were changed and blessed by the Salisbury Centre over the past 50 years, discover what the centre have offered, is currently offering and help us to sow the seeds and visions for the next 50th years.

Standing as one of the oldest holistic centres in Edinburgh the centre was founded with a strong spiritual community focus which over time has expanded to embrace a strong foundation of inclusivity, as well as creative, psychological, and ecological wellbeing, making it a resilient community centre at the heart of Edinburgh!

Come learn how conflict was transformed to create new foundations to grow from; Expect gathering of old friends, workshops, movie screenings, discussion panels, shared meals, ceremony, visioning & networking for the future. The programme will aim to draw from the incredible richness of all people who have contributed, over 5 decades, to the evolution and resilience of this special Centre.


What’s Brewing – June 2023 –  Draft programme (in the making)
Sun 18th Salisbury Centre Historic Exhibition launch (photos and stories)
Mon 19th Welcome Community Supper (Old & New friends) – Bring & Share
Tues 20th TBC
Wed 21st Solstice Celebration – Drumming Circle in the Garden & Intention settings
Thur 22nd TBC
Fri 23rd  Honouring the Past

  •   A day to honour original founders, dreamers, enablers, early community and their legacy, including hearing from the Salisbury Centre sister organizations (e.g. Beshara, Sempervivum, Wellspring, etc) as well as remembering major transitions and key members over 5 decades (e.g. Winifred, etc..)
  •  Evening Ceilidh – Creativity sharing party (expect games to meet each other,  hear stories, share songs, poems or showcase any creative output that was birthed at the Salisbury Centre over the years)
Sat 24th Celebrating the Present

  • Life at the Centre – Past & Present residents’ tour/stories of the building
  • The Big Re-union Garden Party (with slots through the day)
    •  Bring & share community meal
    • Many workshops & discussion panels (which might include: Learning from the shadows; Transforming conflict & the role of communication; Dreamwork; Exploring the “Super-Stable” nature of the Centre)
    • Living Library (Live stories of people whose life was changed by the Centre)
    • Salisbury Centre Film screening (Premiere!)
    • Historic Garden tour & Community performance
Sun 25th Sowing the Seeds for the Future

  • Morning Celebration Dance & Singing for Peace
  • Afternoon activities and closing
    • Discussion panel – The Gateway to the Dream World
    • Work that Reconnect Workshop “Seeing with new eyes” – Visioning the next 50th years of The Salisbury Centre
    • Other workshops around  Equality, Diversity & Inclusion, Eco-Sustainability (TBC)
  •  Closing Despacho Fire Ceremony Sowing the seeds/prayers for the next 50th Years


**** Please note that this is just a draft programme in the making. While many of the offerings are confirmed and taking shapes, the official schedule and programme will be published and promoted nearer the time.  For now this is an invitation to save the date not to miss this special gathering****