The Salisbury Centre
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Celebration of the Sacred

Sunday 21 December 2014

We invite all our friends to explore and celebrate with us on this auspicious Solstice day the ‘Unity of Being’ as expressed within The Salisbury Centre.

11:00 Healing Breath – Fateah Saunders / The Edinburgh International Centre for Spirituality and Peace, EICSP

12:00 Sacred Within – Eileen Foulner 

13:00 Lunch – Please bring food to share.

Sacred Herbs & Teas – Fiona Morris / Nourish and Flourish

14:15 Review of The Salisbury Centre Dedication

15:00 Dhikr – Remembrance – Colin Abdul Malik Orr

15:30 Xiang Gong – Margaret Anderson

16:00 Circle Dancing – Sydney McClintock, Janet Cais, Margaret Christie & Peter Bolland

16:30 Havan Celebration – Bijam & Jayanti

17:30 Mulled Wine

+ Raw Chocolate – Scott Young / Raw, Wild and Conscious 

+ Kirtan – Scotland Kirtan

19:30 Vegan Prasad Meal – Kirtan Scotland


Please email to let us know which part(s) of the day you intend to join – or just indicate whether you will be here all day, for the morning, for the  afternoon and/or for the evening – so that we can make sure everyone is accommodated in our planning and preparations. Thank you!


Participation in our Celebration of the Sacred is free. Donations towards our Front Garden Fund would be gratefully receiver. Please bring food to share if you're joining us for lunch.

We look forward to sharing this special day with you.

One-to-one work in the Garden Room

We would like to welcome inquiries from people who might be interested in using the Garden Room for one-to-one work such as massage or other body work, and psychotherapy. Up to now our emphasis has been on supporting group work at the Salisbury Centre, so this marks a change in focus.

We expect all practitioners at the Salisbury Centre to have an active spiritual practice which is integrated into their work. At present we would expect our practitioners to be trained and accredited, and be able to demonstrate membership of a professional body with a code of ethics, as well as having an indemnity insurance.

For more information about rates and conditions please contact Renate our administrator.

About The Salisbury Centre

The Salisbury Centre is open to all who want to develop their spiritual life. You can come and explore different forms of spiritual, sustainable and creative possibilities in a community of others who are also seeking. We provide a range of body, mind and spiritual practices in a non-sectarian environment to enable people find a way towards inner harmony and wellbeing and an active care for the wider community.

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