The Salisbury Centre
2 Salisbury Road, Edinburgh EH16 5AB      0131 667 5438

Free Drop-in Meditation

We apologise for the recent confusion about drop-in meditation. We would like to confirm our daily evening meditation continues as usual Monday through Friday, at both 09:30 AM and 17:30 PM. The Friday noontime meditation with Margaret also continues as usual. Thank you to our volunteers for making this offering possible!

More information here.

About The Salisbury Centre

The Salisbury Centre is open to all who want to develop their spiritual life. You can come and explore different forms of spiritual, sustainable and creative possibilities in a community of others who are also seeking. We provide a range of body, mind and spiritual practices in a non-sectarian environment to enable people find a way towards inner harmony and wellbeing and an active care for the wider community.

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